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We must ensure all Californians can afford to call our state home. Below are policy solutions we support in 2021. Read all our 2021 priorities here.

Taking On the Root Causes of the Supply Crisis

Reducing Barriers to Affordable Housing

REALTORS® sponsor AB 571 (Mayes) to prohibit local governments from assessing affordable housing fees on the deed restricted affordable units contained within a density bonus application.

Understanding Costs of Affordable Housing

AB 244 (Rubio) will require that the California Affordable Housing Cost Study, which was released in October 2014, be updated in order to better understand the cost difference between constructing affordable and market rate housing.

Fostering Innovative Solutions to Build More Housing

Repurposing Underutilized Commercial Property for Housing

REALTORS® support SB 6 (Caballero) to require a local government to approve housing development on lots zoned for office, retail or commercial use within a residential neighborhood.

Promoting Equity Through

Fair Housing

Article 34

Enacted by voters in 1950, Article 34 of the California Constitution requires that any development comprised of “low-rent” dwellings, financed in whole or in part by federal, state or local government, be approved by a vote of the people in the jurisdiction where the project is located. REALTORS® support SCA 2 (Wiener, Allen) to repeal Article 34 in its entirety.

Removing Discriminatory Language in Property Records

California, like most states, has a long and unfortunate history of allowing racial and other forms of segregation to be perpetuated through the use of restrictive language written into covenants. While these laws have long been unenforceable, they are still offensive. This legislation will allow for the affected records to be masked or redacted.

Equal Treatment of "Affordable" and "Market-Rate" Units

REALTORS® sponsor AB 491 (Gonzalez) to ensure that multifamily properties provide the occupants of “affordable” units access to the same common entrances, common areas, and amenities that are available to the occupants of market-rate units and do not isolate “affordable” units to a specific floor or area.

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