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There is no more critical component to America’s infrastructure than the homes we live in. Investments are necessary to fund the nation’s housing future – just as they are necessary to rebuilding America’s infrastructure. 


Significant racial disparities persist in homeownership and housing affordability. Building more housing at every income level is crucial to bridging the wealth gap.


Any infrastructure plan must consider ways to increase the housing supply to ensure the American Dream of homeownership doesn’t become a thing of the past.

The California Association of REALTORS® ask Representatives and Senators to include in any infrastructure package:

  • The Housing Supply and Affordability Act (H.R. 2126 and S. 902); which will create a housing grant program that state and local governments can apply for to create more housing units.

  • The Neighborhood Homes Investment Act (H.R. 2143 and S. 98); which will offer tax credits to attract private investment for building and rehabilitating owner-occupied homes.


C.A.R. is also asking Members of Congress to support tax incentives to convert underutilized commercial property into residential units.

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